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Engaging contractors early in the design process can resolve apparent mismatches between budget and programme hence enriching the design. But there are further benefits when this cooperation is followed through, with architects overseeing construction from a fully informed perspective - solving rather than creating problems for builders.


The Design-Build approach offers clear advantages to owners by addressing the intrinsic problems with the traditional design-build process. Entrusting a project to our Design-Build Team limits the time and effort required of the Client and the range of entities necessary to contact. It allows busy owners to focus their core activities, and to rest assured that the project is being handled in the most professional way possible while reducing their risk and exposure. 

Madliena House

The Architects are involved in the early design stages, monitoring the construction and finishes process, resulting into tighter controls over all aspects of the project, from the preservation of the design intention to a close adherence to a budget and construction schedule.

plan of work
Preliminaries + Brief
Concept Design
Developed Design
Technical Design
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6
Stage 7
Excavation Phase

The excavation phase lays the groundwork for the foundation of the building. A geological study is first carried out to inspect the site and when approved, heavy machinery driven by professional excavators start digging according to the proposed plan.

Construction Phase

During the construction phase, a team of builders is led by the construction manager of the site. The construction manager's services includes on-site project management, oversee quality control, monitor the contractor’s safety program, ensure contractors perform per specifications, coordinate permits, technical inspections and submittals to ensure they are on track.

Final Phase

In the final phase, the project building is inspected and any necessary contracts and certifications are completed. Finally, the project is handed over to the client and is now ready for use.